PCI PTS 3.x, SRED Pin Pad. - Meets PCI P2PE Requirements.

Prevent card data breaches without compromising the speed and convenience of consumers’ transactions with DynaPro. DynaPro is a sleek, multifunction point of transaction and POS PIN Entry Device with encrypting keypad, a MagneSafe™ secure card reader authenticator (SCRA), EMV contact/contactless smart card reader and optional NFC (contactless) capabilities.

DynaPro provides all of this functionality within a slim, stylish, and rugged payment secure cryptographic device (SCD) that can be hand-held or fix mounted. DynaPro allows merchants to use one device for a variety of card technologies. DynaPro encrypts cardholder payment data and exceeds PCI DSS security requirements for EMV payment technologies.

Enhanced Experience – Maximum Acceptance
The DynaPro’s integrated features provide a single point-of-transaction interface for all of your consumers’ payment and transactional needs. The compact design provides a small footprint that fits easily into retail POS environments. DynaPro comes standard as a PIN entry device with a secure card reader, EMV smartcard reader, secure PIN pad, color display, programmable function buttons, and a USB 2.0 interface.
Optional features include: NFC contactless card reader, signature capture, privacy shield, and Ethernet interface. DynaPro expands its acceptance with PIN or signature user authentication, accepting most payment methods, including traditional PIN debit, EMV Chip and PIN, or EMV Chip and Signature.

Exceeds Security Standards
DynaPro provides the highest levels of physical and logical security, is PCI PTS 3.x SRED compliant, and combines industry best practices and standards for encryption (3DES), key management (DUKPT), and data protection. It protects consumer transaction data by encrypting all PIN, magstripe, smartcard, contactless, and manually keyed data as soon as it is entered into the device.

DynaPro uses MagnePrint® card authentication which can identify and detect counterfeit magnetic stripe ATM, Debit, Credit, and Gift cards, and render them useless. This state-of-the-art security is designed to identity and prevent fraud before it happens.

Peace of Mind. Flexible and Easy to Maintain.
Each device has its own unique, unchangeable serial number, which supports audit tracking, device/host authentication and remote services. MagTek’s secure remote services include key injection and device configuration. These services are compliant with PCI P2PE environments, and eliminate the need for merchants to manage sensitive information such as encryption keys or device configuration settings. Remote services for key and device management allow for the upgrade of keys or device security settings throughout the life of the device, and remove the need for retailers to recall devices. Such flexibility provides peace of mind in knowing that you have maximum flexibility to manage changes in the future and the flexibility to support tomorrow?s evolving technologies.

Also available as EMV L1 only version.

Product Details

Meets PCI P2PE requirements

Triple DES encryption

DUKPT key management



Smart Card reader

3-Track MagneSafe Secure Card Reader

Supports secure storage and erasure of encryption keys

Reads all standard ISO and AAMVA, EMV, Mifare and NFC cards

Sealed, compact design

Cable protection mechanism

Capacitive touch keypad system prevents tampering

USB HID device

USB powered

Optional interfaces include RS-232 and Ethernet (additional power-pack required)

Privacy shield (optional)

Signature capture (optional)

Backlit 320x240 LCD graphics

MagnePrint card authentication

Device/host authentication

Unique, non-changeable device serial number

Flexible data formats and data masking

Encrypted manual card data entry

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