MagneSafe IntelliHead

MagneSafe™ IntelliHead

Secure magnetic read head - Encrypts data before it leaves the head

MagTek offers breakthrough technology with its Encrypting IntelliHead – a magnetic read head with encapsulated electronics to read, decode, and encrypt card data inside the head for POS terminals, gasoline pumps, kiosks and ATMs.
The Encrypting IntelliHead incorporates MagTek’s state-of-the art Delta ASIC, proven technology used widely, to read 3-track data in many financial and retail card reading applications.

All electronics are securely potted inside the head to prevent tampering and unauthorised access. Card data is encrypted at the earliest point of entry.

The compact IntelliHead family of magnetic card reader heads offers support for USB, RS-232, SPI, and Shift-Out (Strobe/Data) applications. Each is available in a variety of reader packages.

For encryption, a unique double-length key is injected into each head. Data is protected by using the 3DES encryption standard, and thus providing the same level of encryption security available in other financial and payment transactions.

Physical security is supplied by potting the head wires and electronics. Encrypting the data before it leaves the head is a revolutionary concept that protects the data at the earliest point of entry – an ideal solution to simplify the stringent security requirements of PCI DSS requirements.

Integrating the Encrypting IntelliHead into card reading solutions will substantially reduce the cost to protect the card data inside a POS terminal.

Fulfills security requirement as described in the PCI specifications, Version 2:
“It is not feasible to penetrate the PED to make any additions, substitutions, or modifications to the Magnetic Stripe Read head and associated hardware or software, in order to determine or modify magnetic stripe track data, without requiring an attack potential of at least 14”

Product Details

Ideal for PCI 2.0 applications

Triple DES Encryption

DUKPT Key Management

MagnePrint® Card Authentication


Device & Host Authentication

3-track card reader (for ISO and AAMVA cards)

Designed-in security from the start

Media sensing counterfeit detection

Maximized data

Remote key loading

Masked track data

Quick testing and start up

ISO and AAMVA support

Encapsulated electronics and potted inside the head

SPI interface for high speed transmission

Encryption key can be injected at MagTek or at time of integration into the POS terminal

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