DynaFlex Family

DynaFlex Family

DynaFlex and DynaFlex Pro are ready to launch your payment environment to the next level.

All DynaFlex products offer an integrated secure card reader authenticator for magnetic stripe cards, EMV chip cards (contact and contactless), and NFC enabled mobile wallets including Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. DynaFlex Pro products offer a touchscreen display for added convenience.

Ready to Accept a Variety of Payments
DynaFlex and DynaFlex Pro (DynaFlex Products) are ready to accept payments with a smooth magnetic stripe swipe path, durable EMV chip contact insertion slot, and fast EMV/NFC contactless tapping pad from contactless cards and most mobile wallets and wearables including Apple Pay, D-PAS, ExpressPay, Google Pay, MCL, PayWave, and Samsung Pay.

Leading Operating Systems Compatibility
DynaFlex Products are compatible with Android and Windows handheld and countertop devices for easier integration into leading payment applications.

The Power of Location
Whether you plan to use DynaFlex Products as a handheld device, countertop mounted, or unattended kiosk, they offer the flexibility you need in a small footprint with mounting and stability options. DynaFlex products deliver the performance you need.

Simple Connection
DynaFlex Products connect via USB, using one of the most common connection and power sources available. When properly powered through its USB port, the device powers on automatically.

Unique Perspective – Elevate Payments
DynaFlex Products offer a unique payment experience with the reading locations visible to the customer from one side. No more searching for the insertion location, everything is visible form the front face of the products.

DynaFlex and DynaFlex Pro with Touchscreen
DynaFlex delivers a large, clear area for contactless transactions, whether you are accepting EMV contactless cards or NFC mobile wallet payments. DynaFlex Pro additionally offers a touchscreen display that keeps transactions moving smoothly and provides consumer interaction and communication through the device.

DynaFlex Kiosk and DynaFlex Pro Kiosk
Built with a straight angled bottom, kiosk models have four threaded mounting holes for easier integration into unattended and self-service kiosks. Giving you flexibility for your custom payment environment.

Built for Security
DynaFlex Products deliver PCI PTS POI Secure Reading and Exchange of Data (SRED), making all models suitable for PCI-P2PE Solutions.

MAGENSA SERVICES | Solutions as a Service

Couple DynaFlex Products with Magensa Data Management Services for faster development, reduced PCI scope, enhanced customer experience,
gift card and loyalty card processing, remote services, tokenization of card data for recurring payments, invoicing,
and certified access to major processors through the Magensa Payment Protection Gateway (MPPG).

APPLICATIONS | Payment Acceptance

DynaFlex Products when combined with Magensa Data Management Services are built for payment acceptance versatility.

Retail Environment

DynaFlex Products deliver more to retail environments; with OS and payment versatility, mounting flexibility, reduced PCI scope,
enhanced customer experience, and faster transactions. Ready for retail merchants, restaurants, healthcare,
hospitality, and anywhere you need to accept payments.

Banking Environment

DynaFlex Products are ready to work with your application for ID verification or as a payment offering for your Merchant Services.
DynaFlex Pro additionally delivers the touchscreen you need to walk consumers through their in-person transactions.

OEM Environment

DynaFlex Kiosk Products are made with straight angle bottoms for easier attachment to unattended
and self-service solutions for retail, healthcare, restaurants, and so much more.

Card Reader Secured with the MagneSafe Security Architecture

DynaFlex Products are built on the foundation of the MagneSafe® Security Architecture. DynaFlex supports triple DEA or AES encryption,
both with DUKPT key management, tokenization, and authentication. The magnetic stripe secure card reader authenticator uses MagnePrint®
card authentication to secure cardholder data. DynaFlex is ready with device/host authentication, unique, non-changeable serial numbers,
and time bound session IDs to defend against rogue devices entering the payment environment.

Product Details


Magstripe Secure Card Reader Authenticator

Triple Track (TK1/2/3); Bidirectional read; ISO 7811 - 6 ips to 60 ips

EMV Chip Contact

EMVCo L1 and L2 ISO/IEC 7816

EMV Contactless

EMVCo L1 and L2, EMV Level 1 ISO/IEC 18092, ISO/IEC 14443 (Type A/B) Including: Apple Pay, D-PAS, Expresspay, Google Pay, MCL, PayWave, Samsung Pay

NFC Contactless / Mobile Wallets

ISO/IEC 18092, ISO/IEC 14443 (Type A/B), FeliCa, RFID

ISO/IEC 18092, ISO/IEC 14443 (Type A/B)

MSR / SCRA Swipe - 1 Million

EMV Insertions - 500K

Compatible Operating System

USB Hosts: Windows 10, Android 4.4.2 and above

CPU - K81

Touchscreen Display (DynaFlex Pro models only)

2.27in. (57.60mm) X 1.70 in. (43.20mm) 320x240 (RGB) Dots

Status Indicators

Status indicators 4 LED, auditory beep


Connection / Interfaces

USB-C (USB HID 2.0) 802.11 Wireless (b/g/n) Bluetooth LE (5.0) Ethernet

Magensa Web Services - Yes


Charging - USB and Cradle Charging

Rechargeable Battery For Bluetooth LE And 802.11 Wireless Operations - Li-Po

Current And Power

Power through USB. Battery models required for handheld use.


Compliance (FCC, CE, UL) - YES

MagneSafe Security Architecture - YES



Tamper - Responsive



4.0 in. (102mm) x 3.5in. (89mm) x 1.9in. (48mm)


Storage Temp

14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)

Operating Temp

32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C)

Operating & Storage Humidity Non-Condensing

10% to 90%

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