DynaPro GO

DynaPro Go

PCI PTS 4.x, PCI DSS & P2PE Compliant

Exceeds Security Standards
DynaPro Go is a Secure Cryptographic Device with wifi connectivity that meets and exceed PCI PTS 4.x, SRED security requirements and includes the MagTek MagneSafe? Security Architecture (MSA), EMV chip card technology and NFC capability. The enclosure and associated electronics form a Tamper Resistant Security Module (TRSM) where attempts to penetrate or modify the unit cause all keys to be cleared and/or stop the unit from functioning.

Ease of Integration
DynaPro Go is a durable device made for easy connection. MagTek is your partner in development and provides a comprehensive platform of drivers, APIs and Software Development Kits (SDKs).
The SDKs include tools, documentation and sample code for developing applications on a variety of environments platforms for fast development and easy integration.
DynaPro Go can recharge using the charging station and communicate with compliant hosts via USB or connect via TCP/IP over 802.11 wireless.
The display module is a backlit display and the keypad has well-contoured keys with tactile feedback for convenient entry of PINs or other data.

Peace of Mind
DynaPro Go delivers industry best practices for data protection, using triple DES encryption (TDEA/3DES) and DUKPT (derived unique key per transaction) key management. PIN, magnetic stripe, chip card (contact / contactless), NFC and manually keyed data are encrypted as soon as they are entered into the device.

Using proven and tested industry standards gives merchants, processors, issuers and acquirers the exibility to outsource or manage decryption services themselves, avoiding the risk imposed by unproven, proprietary encryption algorithms.

When used with Magensa Solutions and the MagneSafe Security Architecture, the device delivers a layered approach to transaction security that combines encryption, tokenisation, authentication and dynamic data to protect card data.

The MagnePrint card authentication service can identify and detect counterfeit magnetic stripe ATM, debit, credit, and gift cards, and render them useless. This state-of-the-art security is designed to identify and prevent fraud before it happens.

The card reader is capable of reading any ISO or AAMVA encoded magnetic stripe data, and includes a contact chip card (ICC) reader on the front of the device under the keypad and a contactless reader behind the LCD display.

Optional EMV L2 for offline PIN authentication.

Product Details

Secure PIN entry Device

Customer Select PIN

PIN Change

Customer ID & Verification (supports online and offline PIN)

Card Activation

Wifi or USB

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