Excella STX

Excella™ STX

Single feed. Multi use. Flexible Interface. Front & back printer endorsement.

Excella STX is cheque reading made easy. For merchants and tellers that need an affordable method for rapid image capture at the earliest entry point when processing cheuqes for Remote Deposit Capture transactions, the Excella STX leads the industry in reliability and ease of use. Featuring a front and back printer for franking and endorsing, Excella STX scans front and back images in a quick, single pass. The small footprint unit also offers single-side image scanning for standard ID cards & drivers licences and offers an optional color scanning feature.

The full-featured Excella STX is a single-feed Small Document Scanner designed to meet the dynamic requirements of teller banking and retail applications. The duplex reader offers MICR line reading for E13B and CMC7 fonts and connects to standard PCs and terminals through a USB or Ethernet 100bastT interface. The unit also features easy access to cheque path and scan bars to simplify maintenance and cleaning. With an integrated MagneSafe™ secure card reader authenticator; this device may be everything your retail and barnch teller banking application needs for payment processing.

Product Details

Single-feed cheque operation

MICR reading: E13B and CMC7

Scans front and back images of a cheque in a single pass

Single-side scanning of standard ID cards, including driver licence

Front and back printers for franking and endorsing

Optional color scanning available

MagneSafe&tm; SCRA

Interfaces: USB and Ethernet 100baseT

Small footprint

Easy access to path and scan bars for maintenance and cleaning

API and protocol compatible with MagTek®'s Excella (auto-feed scanner)

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