iDynamo 6

Mobile secure card reader authenticator for magstripe and EMV chip card transactions, and optional EMV and NFC contactless transactions, all in a sleek form factor ready for mobile payments and transactions

Secure Card Reader Authenticator Ready for mPOS, mobile point of sale
Built for flexibility, restaurants, boutiques, and airlines will benefit from iDynamo 6, the next generation of secure card reader authenticators (SCRAs) by MagTek.

Swipe, Tap, and Dip
iDynamo 6 is a SCRA capable of reading magnetic stripe, contact and contactless EMV cards, and NFC wallets and ready to accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and more.

Mobile Card Reader Ready for Handheld or Customized
iDynamo 6 is made for mobile transactions, but it can be easily built into custom holsters and stands for self-service and unattended solutions.

Works with a Variety of Operating Systems
iDynamo 6 is available in a variety of models made with different connectors including Lightning for iOS, USB-C/receptacle for Windows and Android, micro-USB B for Windows and Android, and USB-C for iPadOS.

Stability and Reliability are Paramount in any Retail or Banking Environment
iDynamo 6’s universal mounting bracket uses an effective design that attaches to the host of your choice and most popular mobile and tablet devices to provide a stable swipe, dip, or tap experience.

Mobile Card Reader with Rechargeable Battery Pack
If handheld contactless/NFC transactions are required, iDynamo 6 has a rechargeable battery pack. Simply attach the rechargeable battery pack and you are ready to accept contactless and NFC transactions.

MAGENSA SERVICES | Solutions as a Service

Couple iDynamo 6 with Magensa Service Solutions for faster development, reduced PCI scope, enhanced customer experience,
gift card and loyalty card processing, remote services, tokenization of card data for recurring payments,
invoicing, and certified access to major processors through the Magensa Gateway.


iDynamo 6 is built for mobile versatility. Perfect in places where contactless payments and mobility are needed.

Retail Line Busting

Line-busting solutions allow you to speed lines and meet your customers where they want to pay.

Mobile and contactless payments in retail environments made simple

Bring your point of sale wherever it needs to go, from carry-out services to curbside pickup and delivery,
accept mobile payments with contactless capability from almost anywhere.

Healthcare Environments

Healthcare centers can enhance the patient experience by moving beyond reception with
new technologies, including mobile solutions coupled with contactless payments.

In-Flight Airline Solutions

iDynamo 6 offers a lot of flexibility since it works with iOS, Windows, and Android host devices. It has a removeable battery because
if you only need to accept magstripe payments the power from the host device is sufficient and no external battery is needed.
A great solution for airlines and in-flight payment acceptance.

MagneSafe Security Architecture

MagneSafe® is a digital identification and authentication architecture that safeguards consumers and their personal data.
Designed to exceed PCI regulations, MagneSafe leverages strong encryption, secure tokenization, counterfeit detection, tamper recognition,
data relevance and integrity, and dynamic digital transaction signatures, which together validate and protect the entire transaction and each of its components.

Product Details


Magstripe Secure Card Reader Authenticator

Yes, Triple Track (TK1/2/3); Bidirectional read; ISO 7810, 7811; AAMVA driver licenses

NFC Contactless / Mobile Wallets

Yes, ISO/IEC 14443 | (Type A, Type B)C-6 D-PAS®, PayPass™ PayWave®, ExpressPay®, Apple Pay®


MSR / SCRA Swipes - 200K

EMV Insertions - 300K

Operating System - iOS, Android, Windows

CPU And Memory - Cortex M3, 1 MB memory

Status Indicators - Wireless (Blue) Status LED (Red/Green/Amber

Device Compatibility - iPad, iPhone, Android phones

Standard Configurations

USB (VCOM) P/N 22551005
USB (KB) P/N 22551006


Connection Method

USB Type C


(Frequency 2.4 GHz) - Certain standard wireless


USB Type C with high current USB 2.0, Wireless

Display - NA

Secure Key Pad - NA

Optional Accessories - Optional charging stand

Web Services - Magensa Services



Rechargeable USB 2.0 charge Charging Time:4.2Hr

Battery - Li-ion Polymer

Current And Power

Power via USB or Battery. USB: 5 VDC


Compliance (FCC, CE, UL) - Yes

Data Protection 3DES Encryption, RSA For L2 Transaction, DUKPT Key Management, MagneSafe Security Architecture ,Unique, Non-Changeable Device Serial Number

Tamper - Evident/Resistant



3.94 x 3.25 x .61 in , 100 x 82.5 x 15.5mm

Weight - 3oz (83g)

Mount/Stabilizer - Optional Multi-Device Adapter


Operating And Storage Temp

32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C)

Operating Humidity Non-Condensing

5% to 90%

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