IntelliStripe 320

Intellistripe 320

Motorised Card Reader - EMV L1 4.1 - ISO 7816 - Flexible Interface

The IntelliStripe 320 motorised card reader allows for fast and reliable reading of magstripe and/or smartcard data on cards that meet the ISO 7810, 7811, 7816 specifications.

The IntelliStripe 320 is rugged and corrosion resistant, utilising a zinc die-cast chassis, high-impact plastic bezel, and stainless steel components. It can withstand a wide range of operational and environmental conditions, and is the ideal motorised card reader for ATMs, vending machines, or self-service kiosks.

The motorised card transport is fast and smooth, with low mechanical jitter, and provides for accurate and consistent card reading.

Motorised operation also allows the card to be securely held within the reader during the entire transaction process, and eliminates the possibility of unwanted human intervention during card read operations.

Product Details

Hybrid Motorised Card Reader

EMV L1 4.1 certified

Fast and smooth motorised card transport

Dual RS-232 & USB interfaces

3 Track Magstripe Reader per ISO 7810, 7811

EMV L1 4.1 - ISO 7816 approved Smart Card interface

Support for many popular memory cards

On-board SAM slot

Dual-Color Red/Green status LED

Single voltage (12 VDC) operation

Power-Fail Card Eject (optional)

Front Bezel Debris Gate (optional)

Contactless Card (optional)

Flat or Extended bezel options

RoHS compliant

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