Secure Contactless, Chip and Magnetic Reader

Contact Chip, Magstripe, Contactless

tDynamo is a three way (magnetic stripe, chip card, contactless) card reader.
With all of the payment methods in the market today, tDynamo delivers magnetic stripe, chip card, and contactless in a small form factor. Now you can accept classic plastic to mobile wallets and just about everything in between.

Three-way Secure Card Reader

Point-of-service and point-of-sale needs to be fast, reliable and secure. tDynamo delivers on all three and meets the growing demand from your customers to use the latest in technology in the easiest-to-use form factor. The tDynamo reader is a simple way to take a wide variety of payment methods, in a small, versatile device.

Counter Top or Mobile

tDynamo allows you to slide quickly between a counter top or mobile platform, giving you flexibility through-out the day. The charging dock can be mounted to the table with one screw and nut, keeping things simple, using very little real-estate, securing the device while charging, and continuing to use.


Engineered Design

tDynamo delivers a sleek design engineered to work in today’s changing retail environments. tDynamo lets you set the trends instead of trying to keep up. Although in a small form factor, it delivers a long smooth swipe-path with excellent performance and one of the highest first swipe read rates in the industry. The chip insert path is smooth and easy to access, and the contactless, touch-less, pad is sleek and simple.

Encryption and Authentication

Data is protected and encrypted the moment it is swiped, so clear data never enters your system.
Open, 3DES end-to-end encryption and industry-standard DUKPT key management, allows for greater platform flexibility.

Simplified Integration

MagTek understands the value of easy-to-use and well documented Software Development Kits (SDKs), technical documentation, APIs, and sample code.
MagTek SDKs have no royalty or maintenance fees and are free to re-distribute with your application.

MagneSafe™ Security Architecture

MagneSafe Security Architecture provides the maximum security at the minimum cost, both in physical costs and implementation efforts.
Counterfeit card data cannot get into the system and usable card data cannot be breached out of the system.
MagneSafe delivers a layered approach to transaction security and combines encryption, tokenisation, authentication and dynamic data to protect card data at the moment the card is read.

Product Details

Contactless, Chip and Magstripe

Triple DES Encryption

DUKPT Key Management

MagnePrint Card Authentication


Interface: USB, Bluetooth(BLE)

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