Delta ASIC

Delta ASIC

3 Track ASIC - High Noise Immunity - Data buffer with Shift-Out

The triple track Delta ASIC blends over 30 years of magnetic experience with state-of-the-art electronics to provide a single-chip solution to retrieving data from a magnetic card.

The 3-volt Delta ASIC with Shift-Out is a fully integrated magnetic stripe decoder offering superior data recovery from all types of magnetic cards. It buffers the entire track data, thus reducing the amount of memory required for the microprocessor.

The compact (4mm x 5mm) QFN package minimises PCB space as well as the number of external components needed – only a decoupling capacitor is required.

AGC (Automatic Gain Control) means the Delta ASIC can read cards from 30% to 200% of ISO standards. This feature coupled with high noise immunity and high performance decoding also allows the reading of badly damaged cards.

Product Details

Low Power

3 tracks

On board memory (shift-out interface)

AGC (Automatic Gain Control) - reads cards from 30% - 200% of ISO standards

Compact design - 4 mm x 5mm

14 pin MLF™ surface mount package

Minimal external components - only a decoupling capacitor is required.

Only 2 signals, DATA and STROBE to connect to your micro-controller

Data buffer with Shift-Out - allows full card data to be locally stored on ASIC.

High noise immunity

High performance decoding - reads badly damaged cards

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