Magnetic read head

The IntelliHead product line fits the tiny Delta ASIC along with an equally miniature microprocessor directly into the three-track magnetic head.

The IntelliHead not only saves development time by providing formatted outputs, but it also provides the highest form of integration by placing all of the electronics into the 3-track magnetic head.
The OEM designer can join the magnetic head and an appropriate card rail into a convenient location on the product. This arrangement minimizes the footprint of the card slot as well as the electronics required to read the magnetic tracks.

All IntelliHead models can read 3-track cards with swipe speeds of from 3 to 60 inches per second (7.6 to 152.4 cm/s). Each has an integrated 5 inch (125mm) cable and 5-pin Molex connector; they can easily be equipped with an adapter cable to extend the length as required.

The compact IntelliHead family of magnetic card readers offers support for USB, RS-232, SPI, and Shift-Out (Strobe/Data) applications. Each is available in a variety of reader packages.

The readers have all passed appropriate agency approvals including CE level B.

Product Details

Standard 3-track reader

Bi-directional read

ISO and AAMVA support

Multiple head mounting configurations

SPI interface for high speed transmission

Decode and interface electronics encapsulated inside the read head

Superior read performance

Increased noise immunity

Excellent environmental resistance

Small foot print

Multiple interfaces

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