Wireless Swipe Card Reader

DynaMAX gives users the flexibility needed in many environments.
Whether used by a bank, hotel, retail merchant, food truck, or theatre, DynaMAX?s ability to work with USB wired or wireless connections delivers one reader for mobile or stationary needs, saving the user money on a single, low-cost, yet highly secure device.

The dual interface delivers compatibility for traditional Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh computers in addition to wireless compatible tablets and smartphones. The low energy consumption extends the life of its disposable batteries when interfacing wirelessly, and the USB wired connection keeps DynaMAX up and running without worrying about battery life.

DynaMAX is a flexible, reliable, and secure card reading solution.

Make checking out faster with a reliable swipe path. DynaMAX has a long swipe path with well-defined head pressure for maximum first swipe read reliability. Your customers will appreciate the ease of use and its ergonomic design.

Ease of Integration and Deployment (drop-in replacement)
DynaMAX requires no wire management and makes implementation and deployment much easier, since there is no drilling or requirement to fasten the reader. If you do need to fasten the reader in a traditional stationary environment, the user can choose to mount DynaMAX with a rubberized no slip pad, with screws, or Velcro?.
The mounting options provide flexible solutions that enable the user to choose an option that makes sense for the specific environment.

Product Details

Wireless: Configured to appear as a GATT device. Range: upto 10m (in line-of-sight conditions) Frequency: 2.4MHz

Wired: Micro-USB B, configured to appear as USB HID

Operating System: iOS 7.1 Android 4.4.2 USB: Windows 7, Windows 8 Wireless: Windows 8.1 on hosts with wireless hardware

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